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Glasses and Headache

Do you get headaches? It’s one of the commonest symptoms among all age groups. It’s a very common misconception that glasses cure a headache. Glasses cure only those very few headaches which are actually ‘browaches’ caused due to increased accommodation (read ‘near vision’) efforts. Do you have bothering headaches? See us now and let us guide you to the right solution.

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Some points about Eyedrops

Some points about eye drops.
1. Eye drops are mostly just one drop at a time. The frequency decides the dose and not the quantity.
2. Once opened, use within 30 days in order to prevent contamination and infections.
3. Keep a gap of at least 05 minutes between two eye drops.
4. Ask your doctor about the OTC drops and prescription drops.
5. Be sure that the eye drops you buy mentions ‘eye drop’ on the label. Ear or Skin or Oral drops are not to be used in the eyes.
Any more questions? Call us to know more.
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The Google revolution

Google has done what the doctors and paramedics have failed to do for a long time. It has managed to scare patients and motivate at least some of them to take care of themselves. It is a common fact that patients in today’s age will google their problems before even consulting the doctor. When the ‘educated’ patient reaches the doctor, he is already full of questions. The good old doctor is pestered with a barrage of questioning. Some tend to loose patience while others address the queries. Do you think you have some unanswered questions lurking in your head regarding eye care? Don’t keep them there. Book a consultation now.
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